Friday, November 03, 2006

Media Review

Heroes - NBC: Great show. Hard to pick up in the middle but I'm all caught up in it even though I never saw the first episode.

Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip - NBC: I really enjoy this show. I like the dynamic of Amanda Peet, Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry together. Wacko with a little drama thrown in. And it's great to see that Wings guy as a bit of an butthead.

Running With Scissors - I know the movie just came out also, but two Saturdays ago I spent the afternoon reading the entire thing. A true account of the teenage years of the author, raising himself with the help (or hindrance) of a psycho psychologist and even more psycho mother. I'm looking forward to the movie even though I know it can't possibly be as good as the book. WARNING: It is a graphic book. And I don't mean pictures.

Get Fuzzy - It's true, I like a comic strip. This one features Rob, a poor schlub working in advertising, his dog (mother was a sharpei and father was a lab) Satchel and siamese cat Bucky. I bought two compilations on my own and was given two more as a birthday present. There are four more I'm going to have to acquire.

Jackass 2 - Had to close my eyes to keep from throwing up a few times.......

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