Saturday, January 27, 2007

Adventures in Doggiesitting

This is Niko. He is a baby boxer, about 4 months old. He and Buster have been buddies for a couple of months and we had the privilege of keeping him overnight while his "parents" went to Miami.

Niko has learned to sit and shake, and is working on mastering stay and lie down. He is also learning to master his bladder, which we discovered when he anointed Buster's bed as we were getting ready to go to sleep.

Our three cats didn't mind him much until he decided to chase them up the stairs, but we had foreseen this problem and put up a baby-gate so the cats could get a reprieve from his desperate requests to play with him.

Buster was very patient, even let Niko bite his ears and steal his chew toys, but was more than a little bit relieved when it was time for Niko to go home.

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