Saturday, March 31, 2007

CNN Is Retarded.

The recent crisis over contaminated pet food has been a big pain to our store, and all stores across the country.

It was confirmed by ALL of our suppliers immediately following the initial debacle that the DRY FOOD IS FINE. It is made by a different manufacturer than the canned/pouched food (Menu Foods, Inc.).

This week CNN and several other news programs aired footage of a camera sweeping the shelves of a pet store and included dry food in that footage. DUMB-ASSES. The dry food is NOT contaminated.

After several concerned calls and visits from our patrons, I myself have spoken with our suppliers AGAIN and confirmed this.

I don't watch CNN anyway, but I'm certainly not going to start. Another good reason for that is that since I live in Florida, I get all the Anna Nicole news I need on local television. Gag.

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