Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Going

Thanksgiving morning sledding. This is a family tradition on my mom's side, at least for the last 5 years, maybe before that. All the boys (and me) trek up the Blue Mountains and spend the day carving a fantastic run.

It was so much fun to be in the snow. Everyone was concerned for my poor tropical thermostat, but I fared just fine until my toes got cold. Fortunately Don loaned me his snowboarding boots and they warmed up for a good hour or so.

Ultimately we had to pack up the toboggans, sleds, and innertubes and make our way back down the mountain. But first we had some fun behind the truck.

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Roxy said...

These pictures bring back such memories for me....

Growing up in eastern Oregon we would go out sledding all the time. We'd head up the mountain towards Anthony Lakes and have a BLAST!! I still remember my grandmother sledding with us too. Memories are a wonderful thing.