Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last Little Bits and Pieces

We only have a few things left in the kitchen at the condo and then it's CLEAN time.

I'm looking very much forward to being able to focus all my energy (ha ha ha) on the new house instead of splitting it between the house and the condo (and the wedding and the refinance, and doing my taxes and and and and).

I need to go to the post office tomorrow and trade a bunch of 26 cent stamps for some 41 cent stamps. Apparently I miscalculated the size of my outer envelopes and the RSVP cards.

The skunk has taken up residency behind the washing machine. At night she is coming out and helping unpack boxes and trash cans.


citizen of the world said...

They let you trade stamps at the post office? I never knew that. Good lucjk with the move and all the rest.

ReesePie said...

They do! Stamps are considered US currency, so in theory you could use them to buy groceries and stuff if you wanted to.

Angela said...

I love Stinkerbelle! Here's hoping that all your chores take half the time you had allotted. Love the new title by the way!