Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life Grinds Slowly Back Into Gear

I started orientation at Pier One today.

I was scheduled to have an interview there at 2pm on Friday. Yesterday at about 4pm I realized that it WAS FRIDAY.

I should have deduced that it was Friday because I watched CSI the night before, wished a friend happy birthday only to have him tell me "thanks, but it was yesterday", but it took looking at the TV Guide website telling me it was Friday to figure it out.

Fortunately my interviewer was understanding and when I called to assure her that I am NOT a total flake, she told me to come in for the interview right away.

It's nice to be working again, although it makes me very store-sick for the pet store in Key West.

This afternoon Scott and I planned out our Thanksgiving Day meal and then went to the grocery store to stock up, first having dinner at a Thai restaurant next door to Publix.

During dinner we talked about ideas for a poor-economy Christmas and came up with some rather good ones, I think.

I got started tonight on one of the major projects, I would say I'm about one-fifth of the way done with it and haven't spent a dime. I'm hoping that the recipient thinks it's as kickass as I do... if someone made this present for ME I would LOVE it.

The other highlight of the evening was when Scott discovered that it's a bad idea to feed The Stink from the couch. This results in her constantly wanting up to see if there's more and then wanting down to look for it herself.


actonbell said...

LOL about it BEING Friday:) It's tough to keep track, sometimes. I hope Pier One is a fun place to work. The Stink sounds so adorable. And I wish I had the creativity required to actually make something. *sigh*

citizen of the world said...

I'm struggling with the whole Christmas presents thing right now. In fact I just got off the phone with my mother about going more low key his year.

I like the wrethe below - nice job.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

That's too funny! I hate when I get my days mixed up.

Can't wait to hear what you've made for your friend. This economy is certainly making us get creative this Christmas, isn't it?!