Saturday, March 28, 2009


On Tuesday I had the day off. After sleeping in I made some coffee and then headed out to Home Depot for gardening stuff and to Publix for groceries.

At Home Depot I picked up a push broom (our back porch has gathered a lot of leaves and Scott thinks he saw a Black Widow near the back door), a small rake (to get the sticks out of the way of the garden), and a few plants and some soil.

I staged where I wanted the herbs to go, since they and a pepper plant I purchased are the only things big enough to go into the ground.

I raked the dead branches and some leaves out of the way and then Scott started digging up the clay.

Buster was very interested in the whole process and we're now teaching him what he can and can't investigate (i.e. PEE on).

We had about a half bag of potting soil left, so we threw that in the hole and then spread a bag of Mushroom compost on top.

It looks a bit morbid from this angle, but I swear, we're not trying to get rid of a body!

We decided to only dig up what we had soil and compost for and we'll dig additionally once the tomato and pepper plants are big enough to go in the ground and we have more soil and compost.

I chose to put the rosemary in on the corner by the stairs, since it has the potential to be a large, pretty bush.

Since we moved the peat pot tray outside and everything but the cucumber plants have been doing great. I don't know if it was too much sun for the cucumbers or if they just outgrew their pods, so I moved them into a couple of big pots in front of the "garden" area.

I'm mostly excited about the basil plant because I LOVE pesto and it's awfully easy and cheap to make when you're growing the main ingredient yourself!

We also planted our mint, oregano and a yellow bell pepper plant.

On the "wildflower" side of the ledge I planted four creeping phlox plants. I'm hoping they'll spread nicely across the front and I'm going to plant the baby wildflowers once they're strong enough to go in the ground.

Of course, we've been having a thunderstorm for the last eight hours and there is about two inches of standing water in the lower part of the back yard at the moment, so all the new plantings could be drowned by now.


actonbell said...

Wow, I'm impressed with all this work. Very nice:)

Scott said...

For the record.. I don't THINK I saw a Black Widow... i KNOW I saw one.

I'm just sayin'.

Orhan Kahn said...

You guys are doing an awesome job!

citizen of the world said...

You've got a great start here. I find I'm out working in the yard every moment of goodweather I can get.

Black widows are pretty unmistakeable. I'm sure if Scott saw one, he knew.