Thursday, May 28, 2009

Best Friends! Day Two

(Sunday, May 3)

Sunday morning Scott had to work, so Andy and Monica accompanied me to the 11am service at our church.

After church we came back to the house and Monica and I colored our hair.

Scott got home and we all took naps until it was time to head out to Amy's house. On the drive out we saw a lot of the wreckage from a tornado that passed through the area a few weeks before.

The plan for the evening was to grill some veggies, sit in the hot tub and enjoy each others company.

While Amy and Carrie were cooking, I played Wii. Monica and I played tennis for a bit and then I got hooked on a dance game.

Being raised Adventist, I'm not a fabulous dancer, but I did pretty well!

Cooper was happy to be the only dog among many dog-lovers, so he soaked up attention from everyone.

By the end of the night I was in need of re-hydration and there were no water bottles in the fridge, so Amy rigged one up for me.

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