Thursday, July 09, 2009

More P1 Dealz

(*Disclaimer: I do these posts because friends and family in other parts of the country like a heads up when cute stuff is on sale... not because I have no life outside of work. Even though that is true.)

P1 Sale is through the 21st... we've done additional markdowns the last two Sunday nights and will do another set this Sunday.

Window Panels 50% off (aka "curtains")

Floral Bird motif, now $14.98

Garnet (Red) floral motif, now $17.98

Rugs 50% (or more) off

"Dragon" jute 5x8 rug, now $39.98 (was $119)

Zebra jute 5x8 rug, now $59.48 (was $119)

Pillows 50% off

"Wheat" pillow now $12.98, was $26

Embroidered paisley pillow now $12.98, was $26

Moroccan gold pillow now $12.98, was $26

Moroccan green pillow now $9.98, was $20
(I LOVE this pillow... was really hoping it would go with my bedding and it totally didn't. So sad!)

Under $20

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