Thursday, October 08, 2009

Only A Little Unbalanced

Days like today are what make people think that I'm bipolar. I slept in until about 2:30pm, watched dvr'd tv for about 5 hours, went back to bed for another 3 hours, then got up, went to the grocery store (at midnight) and have been cooking since I got back.

I made a pot of Ecuadorian Potato Cheese Soup (recipe will be posted on the food blog shortly), a large pan of Apple Crisp (to be baked tomorrow) and there is a new variety of hot sauce simmering on the stove now. I decided to join in the fray and see if I can come up with a recipe that I like that can be marketed to the "mild" crowd.

Soon I will go back to bed. Tomorrow will be a more "normal" day... I'm supposed to have lunch with a friend, run errands, and make dinner.

But for today, I have enjoyed being completely lazy and then manic!

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actonbell said...

We all need a break from the usual:)