Friday, July 01, 2011

Trends - OWLS!!

I had no idea that I was so in to home decor until I worked at Pier 1. My 2.5 years there made me realize what fun it is to make my home an expression of my taste and a fun creative outlet.

Of course, between the pay and how much I spent at the store (despite my discount), we are probably saving money since I quit my job, but I'm still a fan of decorating and also of P1.

My current obsession is with Owls. My boss at P1 got me into it because her mother had loved owls and therefore my boss' daughter loved them. This made me start noticing owls. Fortunately, owls are all the rage right now anyway and I didn't have to look far.

I believe that this was my first owl purchase - a cute necklace from Target that I picked up in Charleston while I was there for a P1 meeting.

After that we started getting owl merchandise at P1 and I picked up a doormat and some figurines...

I LOVE the doormat and will likely keep it out all year (although I may sub my cute bat at Halloween) but like to change up the other Front Door Area stuff. Right now I want to transition from my spring stuff to summer and am looking for cute inexpensive ways to do that.

I designed the "spring" wreath currently on the door and am thinking I want to make one for summer with owls in it - but still in bright summery colors. Something along these lines color-wise. These might work hooked into a grapevine wreath... they're a little more fall-colored though. Along that idea-line, these are brighter...

And of course, Etsy is a fabulous place to find all sorts of wonderful things.

Maybe I'll have to head to Hobby Lobby and just make some stuff myself. :) Maybe get some fabric and make little tiny stuffed owls to put on the wreath myself with some coordinating gerbera heads.

Hmm... I see some crafting in my future!


Target has some super cute bathroom accessories,

Also at P1:
Cute Owl Mug
Salt & Pepper shakers
LED Candle
Owl wall decor
Owl paintings - I like the blue-ish background one best
Cute greeting card with feathery accents
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuffed owl toy (I bought the Zebra for my sister)

And a bunch more cute stuff coming in Fall... Gosh, you'd think I still work there.

Had some fun creating an Etsy treasury, too.

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