Monday, July 31, 2006

Progress and Timelines...

Scott will be heading to Key West as early as the 11th of August. He has been researching aparments, condos and houses to rent in the area, the trick is finding a place that will accept a dog and three cats!

I am planning to work here until August 31st, but if I can manage to get everything packed up by then, I will work through to September 8th. We are hoping that Scott can fly into Portland on the 9th to be here for my birthday celebration and then we will leave on the 10th or 11th.

The plan is to drive together in my car to San Fransisco (stopping in Yuba City, CA) where we will pick up his car from his parents and head east. We'll stop in Phoenix to see my Dad and Heather and meet my baby sister Makayla. Then we'll continue the trek east across Texas and Louisiana, etc. We may be able to connect with Frakes family in Texas too... which would be great!

I have potentially two renters lined up for my house, which is what I need, so I'm not too nervous about that either.

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