Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Details go marching on and on...

My official last day of work for Clark County Title is currently scheduled to be August 31st. If I have managed to pack up my house by then, I will probably work the following week (excluding Labor Day) just do have a little extra money.

Scott is nailing down housing right now, and is buying a plane ticket to come out for my birthday, arriving in Portland on September 8th.

My birthday party is on the 9th and we will head out of town on the 10th.

Stops scheduled:
  • Yuba City, CA to visit Walt, Dixie, Carrie & Grandpa Lysinger
  • San Fransisco, CA to visit Gary & Carla Cumpston and pick up the other car
  • Phoenix, AZ to see Dad, Heather, meet Makayla, and maybe see a few AZ Bob's World-ers.
  • possible stops in Texas to see Frakes family and/or my highschool buddy JT.
  • Little Rock, AR to enjoy a respite at the home of Melva Hicks, gracious mom of my good friend Kiri.
  • ???? There's a crowd in the Carolinas that want to meet me... so that may be a detour.

AND... I already have a potential job starting to look like a good possibility!

If anyone is interested in stuff... I will be giving away and selling a bunch of stuff. Clothes, some furniture, etc.

My plants are pledged to my mom and Kirsten, and I'm giving all my yarn to Michelle A. and Christina.


Anonymous said...

Hon, my mom lives in Arkansas (AR) not Alaska (AK). Alaska is a bit out of the way!


ReesePie said...

I fixed it!!!