Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Road Trip: Day Two

Yuba City CA to Woodside CA

Scott was up by 9am and smartly let me sleep in until about 11am. While waiting for me to finish my beauty sleep, he and Carrie went to Starbucks in town.

Once I awoke, I made my way into the kitchen to find that Grandpa Lysinger had already been giving Scott the Spanish Inquisition (except I think Scott may have expected it a little bit) which I'm pretty sure he passed, considering that when we left, Grandpa told me that I'd "better hold on to this one". Smart Grandpa.

We prepared ourselves for the day and then went out for lunch with Dixie and Grandpa to a great chinese place in town, enjoyed crispy tofu, egg fu yung, vegetable chow mein and vegetable fried rice. Very tasty.

After lunch we decided to let the cats stretch their legs a bit since they had slept in the car (IN THE SHADE WITH WINDOWS DOWN, DON'T FREAK OUT). We put them each in a harness and on a leash, which lasted for several hours with Chou and Maui, and about 10 minutes with Minx. At the earliest opportunity she crawled under the Uhaul and wriggled out of the harness. That is when I told her that if she wouldn't wear the harness, she goes in the crate. She doesn't seem to object to the crate too much.

When the yard boy was ready to mow the front lawn we retired to the back porch, where Maui and Minx chilled in the crate in the shade and Chou got out of his harness and roamed free for an hour or so. He investigated both ends of the porch but pretty much just laid happily on the cool concrete.

Carrie arrived home from school around 5:15, I opened my birthday cards and presents, and we got on the road after taking the obligatory group pictures.

We traveled west on 99 to I-5 and then took 80 into and through San Fransisco. We paid $5 to go over the bay bridge (great nightime pics) and then hit 101 towards San Jose.

We arrived at Gary & Carla Cumpston's house around 9:45pm and got the cats settled into our room. We took a tour of the home, which has recently been totally overhauled and remodled from pseudo-internment-camp to a lovely quintessential California hills home. There is even a beautiful view of the valley.

Once Gary arrived from the airport, we sat down to a great meal outside by candlelight of salsa/sour cream pasta and awesome salad.

Hit the hay around 11:30pm and called it a night. Until there was meowing and running on the windows courtesy of Minx, but she chilled out around 1am.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just want you to know I'm thinking of you! I heard the interstate was closed for a while today, and I hoped that didn't slow you guys down too much!

Love you!