Wednesday, September 06, 2006

To Me...

It's been my 30th birthday for about 45 minutes. My kitties are snuggled nearby and I made some progress packing tonight.

Suddenly I am stressing about my decision. Not questioning it, but still a bit scared.


Angela said...

Just thought I would check in and see how things are going as you get closer to your big move.

Trust me when I know what you mean about being a little bit scared... (PA to HI, HI to NC, NC to OR....) :-) But things have a way of falling into place and in a month you won't even remember being the least bit worried!!

Oh!! And Happy Birthday!!!

Jacqui said...

Ok...listen up...I get the scared thing too. I have lived in TN and Las Vegas and alot of other little stops along the way to and from OR.
ALOT of packing and hauling and storage and friends. It was awesome and you are definitely going to have an adventure!! I love Florida. It's beautiful...a bit windy for my taste buds but hey...some people like 100 mph winds...who knows!
Just keep those feet firmly planted in the Lord..He will light the way baby! YOU ARE SO LOVED. I will miss you very much my new friend.
OH YEAH!! Ditto what Angela said!
Happy BDAY! xoxoxoxo