Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hunting Season

I've decided to look for a new abode for our family. Our rent went up with our new lease and Scott wants to quit his second job so we can actually see each other.

Our friend-that-was-supposed-to-move-away-and-isn't has a house that runs him $1500 a month for two bedrooms, one bath. The kitchen is small but it has a very open floor plan that I like, and a fenced back yard that is enormous.

We looked at a house last night that's $1900 a month (we're now paying $2140) and it's cute, 3 bedrooms, one bath, but in a really junky neighborhood.

We're probably going to have to drive around the neighborhoods we like and hope for a "for rent" sign.

In the meantime, I need to get at least one renter in my house in Vancouver, preferably two. I'm going to revamp my old Craigslist ad and see what happens. I would rather have renters that I know, or that my current occupants know, but I guess I'll have to just see what I get and be choosy.

For those following the skunk saga, It's looking good! I'm in process of getting the Class III Wildlife license and last night a brilliant name came to me... Stinkerbell! HA HA HA HA HA!!! I'd probably just call her "Belle" for short. She's been pooping faithfully in the corner litter box I put in her cage, so that's one hurdle we were concerned about!

Our realtor (landlord's rep) came into the store a few days ago and I broached the subject of my skunk with him. He said "if you decide to keep it, I don't want to know about it." Not that I'm expecting any other landlord to be ok with a skunk, but it's worth a shot.

Now we have to negotiate the cage...


Tammie Jean said...

Good luck on the apartment hunt - paying less rent every month will be like finding extra money!
And I will have to read back to see what's going on with the skunk (Stinkerbell - how adorable!!!)

CS said...

Sometimes it just blows me away how much rents can vary by region. The rental house I'm moving out of is 3 BR, 2 baths (one with a separate shower and big jacuzzi, even), $700/month.

ReesePie said...

Oy. Wish that was true here!

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Is living on one of the nearby keys an option — maybe even a more affordable one?

ReesePie said...

We talked about it, but we're too lazy to want to add to our commute - short as it is.

Bananas said...

ha ha ha "Well, mr. landlord, it doesn't specifically SAY no skunks on the rental agreement..."

Good luck with the househunting! Neighborhood is key, seriously.