Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Day Well Done

Today I had the day off. Scott and I slept in until about 11am and then spent some time in the backyard enjoying the sun and a light breeze.

Looking around our yard inspired us to take a trip to Home Depot. First we had breakfast at IHOP and then progressed on to THD for soil and plants.

Once we got home we potted the new plants together and played with Buster until we ran out of soil and it got overcast and chilly.

Inside, I unpacked four more boxes and then remodeled Tempura's new palace. As soon as I can find the charger to my camera I will post pictures of her new abode and ours.


citizen of the world said...

I had a similar day - lots accomplished but also slept in a bit. It felt good.

Angela said...

Good for you! Sounds like a lovely one. Oh, that more days were like this. (Perhaps then we wouldn't appreciate them as much, though, so there you have it!)