Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Demon Goes DOWN.

Sunday Stinkerbell and I slept for about 15 hours straight. It did us both a lot of good.

Since then I have managed to get about 7 hours of sleep a night - in increments of at least an hour and a half at a time, which is a vast improvement.

I have been battling some pretty major muscle spasms, which made sleep difficult, and couldn't take much for them since my stomach wouldn't accept nourishment without wanting to return it.

After losing four pounds in four days I forced myself to eat a few bites the last few nights and today followed a small sandwich with some naproxen which has already started working.

My goal now is to get good sleep and hydration every day between now and the wedding (25 days for those that are counting).

Oh yeah and to RELAX.

Something that has helped already is that the vets that operated on Stinkerbell last week came into the store today. I described how she's doing and they assured me that she's healed enough that I can stop doping her and even take her off the pain meds.

Knowing my baby is ok makes sleep much easier!


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you are back to feeling good before your wedding rolls around.

Atypical California Girl said...

I hope you and the skunk are back to 100 percent soon.
Be well.

Angela said...

Here's to taking care of yourself! I'm proud of you for taking the time you needed to sleep. It's like trying to run a car on an empty gas tank -- at some point, the car just gives up. If you need more gatorade, let me know and I'll send (or preferably bring) some down. ;) xoxoxoxo