Sunday, December 28, 2008

USA Todak

I ate lunch at Chilis yesterday alone and entertained myself by reading through a copy of USA Today that was laying nearby.

There was an article about landmark presidential eras, mentioning several important and historic dates.

One paragraph referred to 1961 and the "Bag of Pigs."

I'm shocked that I couldn't find anything else on the vast interwebs about this typo.

It caused me to nearly shoot Arnold Palmer from my nose as I snorted loudly and other restaurant patrons looked at me in wonder.


actonbell said...

Bag of pigs! That's a good one-Thanks:)

Jill said...

Definitely snort-worthy.
Did you take the paper with you?
I would have.

ReesePie said...

I wish I had, but no. I DID call Jim later and have him grab a copy, though.

Sagacious T said...

i like the piggy graphic you added