Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Glorious Return

It has been brought to my attention by my one very loyal and faithful reader that I have neglected this forum for far too long.

I am a Facebook junkie and I admit it freely. There is something very convenient about being able to spit my thoughts out in little bits as I have them (I'm sure it's my ADD - although my husband says "EVERYONE HAS ADD!") but I know that can also cause my writing to suffer overall.

Luigi - I raise my Wendy's baked potato and Frosty to you in salute and promise to do better henceforth.

It may not be pretty, but it's on the way!


actonbell said...

Howdie! yeah, Facebook has lured many of us astray...but I like blogspot better, even if I have nothing to say.

ReesePie said...

Nice to see you here! :)

Sagacious T said...

You have more readers than you think!

Lou said...

Hallelujah!!!Amen! and Amen!!!!