Monday, February 21, 2011


Our cable has been out all day today. Once I was assured that the bill had been paid by my HusBean, I decided to see if I could find out the problem and have an expected time of resumed service.

In the past I resolved a similar issue by doing an online chat with a Comcast representative. I decided to do the same today since I pretty much ABHORE dealing with people on the phone.

I pulled up the chat box and typed my "problem" into the required field:

Our cable box won't turn on. My husband paid the bill, are we having an outtage?

Once the representative came on, they asked me my "problem". Again, I typed in "Our cable box won't turn on. My husband paid the bill, are we having an outtage?". I followed this immediately with the HusBean's full name and phone number (since that is what they ask for when we call).

After the required mumbo-jumbo response of how I chose the right person and an assurance that my issue would be resolved, the representative asked for the full name of the account holder, last four of the SSN and account number.

I repeated the full name of the HusBean, gave his SSN and said I was looking for the acct #.

The representative asked for two minutes to locate my account and pasted in a paragraph about how if I need help I can go to (how did he think I got here in the first place?) and they are a great help.

He then confirmed that we are having an outtage.

Gosh, thanks.

Maybe I'm just being bitchy, but I don't think I should have to repeat ANY information when it is typed INTO THE SCREEN.

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