Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dreams and Aspirations

When our cable/dvr is working, I watch a fair amount of television. Okay, a LOT of television.

The three-plus weeks of non-dvr meant that my nightly date (sometimes postponed to the morning thanks to the technology of dvr) with Craig Ferguson didn't happen. I realized that I have really missed Mr. Ferguson's wacky, random humor, the Secretariat Dance, Sid the Cussing Rabbit, and all of his other antics that make me chuckle.

I also appreciate the wide variety of guests on The Late Late Show. If you are not a frequent (or at-all) viewer, you may be unaware that Craig Ferguson received a Peabody Award for his episode "An Evening with Archbishop Desmond Tutu". He has also hosted all manner of tv, movie and music stars, both famous and up-and-coming.

Last night's episode featured Martha Stewart as the only guest. I won't delve into my perceptions of Martha's lack of a sense of humor, but it reminded me that I have always wanted to stay home and BE a "Martha Stewart"... focus on crafts and projects.

Now that I am married, HusBean doesn't mind the crafts and projects so much but wants to see me actually FINISH some of them and maybe not make the house look WORSE in the meantime.

As I am heading in to my new career as housewife, I am excited about all the various things I can do in conjunction with actually making our home look like we give-a-$#!+.

In the past year I have thought seriously about starting an event coordination business and am wondering if anyone would pay me to do table-setting design and what all it takes to get an interior decorator's license.

During my last year at P1 I've really enjoyed getting involved in setting the tables that are "extras" - they haven't been listed or pictured in our planner with any specific direction... that's when we get to be creative.

I can always tell that I've set a great table when we sell through all the components on the table (and sometimes the chairs featured at the table) quickly and have to set it again with something else.

When I was young I wanted to be an astronaut. Now I want to be Martha Stewart with a sense of humor. Here's hoping I can still watch a lot of tv and get some stuff done around here.

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