Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Response and Resolve

My previous issues with our current cable/DVR service have been detailed at great length.

Within an hour of my posting the most recent blog, I had a comment (you can go read it for yourself) from a Comcast representative, eager to help me.

Since then I have exchanged several emails with two very eager and helpful representatives, followed by a timely, friendly and efficient visit by a tech yesterday afternoon.

I have a working cable box and most importantly, DVR feature! I enjoyed The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night and was able to FFWD through the commercials with great glee. (I also had DVR'd GLEE while napping, and watched that too)

I think it's pretty smart of Comcast to have an eye/ear on the internet and be quick to respond when people are referring to them in a public forum.

Good on ya, Comcast.

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