Thursday, April 21, 2011

Always Check The Handle...

It's a lovely morning here in Georgia... the sun is coming up, it's a very comfortable 68F outside..

And it's a damn good thing it's 68F outside because I just had to break into my house wearing rather skimpy pajamas.

I was up before my HusBean this morning, reading a skunk blog and snuggling with The Chou and Stinkerbell on the couch. Once HusBean was ready to head to work I decided to 1. be a good vendor and put my latest shipment of hot sauce out on the front porch for pickup and 2. be a good housewife and drag the garbage can back up the driveway from the curb.

I pulled the front door shut behind me (just to make sure no little furry people with skilled paws could open it) as HusBean was getting into his car.

I waved goodbye like a good loving housewife and then tried to open the front door. The handle is locked. I said a few choice words and ran out into the street waving and jumping up and down, hoping HusBean would be taking a last loving glance in his rear-view mirror.

Not so much.

Since Buster had just been out, I took a chance that the back door would be unlocked - made my way through the gate into the back yard and tried the back door. Knob unlocked, but door deadbolted.

As I peered through the glass I could see Buster (poor old deaf thing) waiting at the front door for me to come back in.

The cats were lined up on the back of the couch watching me for entertainment.

I tried the dining room windows. One is already screenless (a similar mishap a couple of years ago) and is now ALWAYS locked. The other window had been open last night to let some of the habanero-air out of the kitchen, but before destroying the screen I looked at the locks (each window has two) and verified that one was unlocked, but the other was not.

I considered knocking on the neighbors door and asking to use their phone, but then remembered that the living room window had also been open last night.

I visually verified that it was unlocked and proceeded to use a handy herb-stake (thanks Pier 1!) to wedge out the screen.

By this point Minx was QUITE interested in my antics and was there at the window ready to give me a helping-paw.

I think I may use some of my GA state tax refund today at Home Depot to find some replacement screens.

Oh yes, and a bathroom door... But that's a story for another day.

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