Friday, April 08, 2011


I am far overdue to post, so I will do a quick summation and then follow up with a more fleshed-out version later.

I am currently in Portland, OR - arrived on Tuesday 3/29 and am heading home on Tuesday 4/12 (also HusBean and I's 3rd wedding anniversary).

I was originally supposed to have a myomectomy (like a c-section for removing uterine fibroids - I've got a BIG one) on 3/29 but HusBean's job changed and we ended up without insurance between 3/16 and 4/1. Now I have to re-submit proof of insurance to my dr. so they can reschedule.

It is good to be spending time in my hometown and seeing friends and family at a much less rushed pace than my previous visits, I have taken some fun pictures and eaten tons of great food - I intend to do restaurant reviews over on the food blog and tell some of the stories about things I found in my garage in Vancouver that I forgot about.

The worst part about the fibroid (go to wikipedia if you can stomach it) is that it is similar to being pregnant in a day-to-day way: there is constant pressure on my bladder and I have constant sciatic/pinched nerve pain.

Also, periods are ATROCIOUS, (I'm saying that in spite of a pretty high pain tolerance.) Consequently I currently feel like I'm being stabbed in interesting places and am going to take a nap.

This is one of the things that helped motivate me to quit my job, which I will expound upon at a future time when I'm sure my former employer can't take back any of my pay.

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Lou said...

Happy to see you doin' what you do best! Writin' - er was that cookin' - er was it maybe decoratin' - er was it makin' . . . hhhmmm. Guess I should figur' it out before I start writin'!