Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Best $6 I've Ever Spent

I went to the Clark County Fair last night with my coworkers. I paid my $5 to park, $8 admission, and $25 for an unlimited ride bracelet (with which I rode 3 rides). I spent $6.50 on raspberry lemonade and french fries, and later $4 on a large coconut and mango shaved ice.

I had a great Fair experience, but the best expenditure of funds was the $6 I handed over for the "power jump". The attached pic is my fellow escrow officer Tamara as she is preparing to be flung into the air.

For a mere $6, you are hooked into a harness while standing on an inflated trampoline. Your harness is attached to bungee cords which are then tightened and you are pulled into the air.

One of the facilitators grabs your feet and pulls you down, stretching your bungees, and then releases you and you FLY! Awesome. Unbelievable. The most fun I've had in YEARS. I did back flips and screamed for joy.

If you get the chance to take part in antics such as this, spend the $6. It's worth it.

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