Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm Not Scared

Some people ask me why I'm going all the way to Key West. "Just for a guy?"... no, not JUST for a guy. Mainly I'm going because I can.

I have a great job here in Vancouver that I really enjoy. My boss has virtually guaranteed my job back and I've had another job offer for when/if I come back to Vancouver. I'm excited about the opportunity to check out the rest of the job field and broaden my skills.

I have a great house I just purchased in March. I am not going to sell it for a couple of years, and in the meantime will rent it out.

I love the northwest and have pretty much always lived here. I am really looking forward to living somewhere completely different and am not that concerned about heat and humidity. I like hot weather, and as long as I can sleep in AC (which my house does not have, but the apartment in Key West DOES), I'll be fine.

The cats are going with me, and technology will keep me in contact with friends and family in between visits.

AND the guy. He's fabulous and compassionate and intelligent and funny. And I'm in love with him.

So, I'm NOT scared to move to the opposite corner of the country, I'm excited!


Lola said...

Change is good, so why not! Much luck! :)

msliberty said...

Amen, and again I say Amen.

As long as you keep this positive attitude, nothing but good can come from this adventure.

My hat is off to you.