Sunday, August 19, 2007

Meet Mr. Fleabus

This is Buster.

Buster is a VERY good dog. He turned 9 on July 30th this year and has a few grey hairs in his muzzle and on his back.

Scott inherited Buster as a two-year-old. His previous owners could no longer take care of him and Scott was fortunate enough to have the right connections to take him in.

I met Buster when I arrived in Key West last year. He accepted me very readily and it was easy to teach him that although he had been trained to chase cats up until this point, the NEW cats are "babies", which translates into "something not to mess with."

He is very respectful and knows that when we are eating dinner he needs to be in another part of the house and not beg.

Buster is the picture of loyalty. If Scott or I even joke about chasing one of the cats, Buster gets between us and the cat and barks. It's far worse if we even joke attack each other - he gets up on his hind legs and boxes us.

He will never look the cats in the eye, he knows not to intimidate them. On the other hand, he will also let the Hamster sit on his head.

He is known as Buster, Duster Boggie, Buddy, and Brown Thing.

I am officially a member of the Boxer party.


Dan said...

OK so let me get this right: a dog, three cats, a hamster. Is there more? :) What a great household you have!

We have a cat but that's about it. Buster is such a little sweetheart! And so protective of everyone! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. That was sweet of you!

ReesePie said...

We have a dog, 3 cats, a hamster and a betta fish. and I want something else from the store pretty much every day...

Dan said...

LOL! You're a true animal lover like me. I wish my place was filled with animals ... but we rent. :(

ReesePie said...

We rent too, but we have understanding (and long-distance) landlords. :)

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Speaking of which, Reese ... what's the latest? Where are you moving to? Or are you moving?

ReesePie said...

We're staying put for the moment... signing a new lease for the condo but it has a get-out-free-with-30-day-notice if we need it.

Jill said...

What a great dog! I love boxers, too.
If I was going to get a dog, a boxer would be at the top of my list.
But I think dogs need so much time and attention, and I don't have that to give right now.
Besides, my cat children would probably maul me in my sleep if I brought in a dog. George alraedy thinks he IS a dog.