Sunday, October 28, 2007


Andy's flight was scheduled to depart Miami International Airport at 6:00am this morning. We decided to just stay up after the parade last night and drive up to drop him off.

We departed Key West at 2am and made decent time to Marathon - usually at least an hour trip I made in 45 minutes. Unfortunately the trend did not continue and we pulled up to the airport at 5:24am. Andy hurried to the gate but they told him it was too late to make his flight. We were already about a half hour back down the turnpike but turned around to hang out with him until he could get info on another flight at 8am.

Scott and I were both exhausted, so we ended up sleeping on the floor in the airport while Andy waited to find out his fate. Originally when they told him he had missed boarding his flight, they told him his only options were to wait until 8am to find out if he could get one seat on one flight scheduled for 11am or catch a flight from Fort Lauderdale for $750.

At 7:45am he went back to the ticket counter to plead his case and they found him one seat on a flight out at 1:29pm and charged him a $75 changed flight fee. He checked his bag and received a boarding pass for flights all the way through to Portland.

We got back in the Honda and headed down the Keys. We made it back home about Noon today and then sacked out for about 6 hours.

Thankfully I have tomorrow off as well to recuperate.


Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Wow. That should be the dictionary definition of true friendship ... when you make the apocalyptic sacrifice that doesn't feel like an apocalyptic sacrifice. Or like any sacrifice at all.

Roxy said...

Reesie....I'm so glad you two decided to get some sleep before you drove home. It's so easy to doze off while driving.