Sunday, May 04, 2008

Recaps: Now With Pictures!

We got married on a Saturday.

Sunday morning we woke up, packed up our room at the Kennedy School, bought some souvenirs in the gift shop and then checked out. We spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to family as they left town and I took several naps. The end of the day found us at a Sushi-Land in Vancouver with Andy, Jenny and Jenny's friends from Seattle, Ian and Renata. I spilled an entire dish of soy sauce on my jeans.

Monday was more sleep, some doing of laundry and more sleep.

Tuesday morning we drove to Cannon Beach to check in to the Stephanie Inn. We arrived a little earlier than they expected us, so we drove down to Mo's and had a quick lunch.

On returning to the hotel we were led on a quick tour by the bellman before being let into our room. Scott's sister and brother-in-law had purchased the "Relaxation" package for us, so there was Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries on the coffee table near the fireplace, and candles and lavendar-confetti bubble bath in the bathroom next to the jumbo jacuzzi tub.

We enjoyed two nights at the hotel, and two lovely buffet breakfasts in the upstairs dining room. The weather was a little cold but still beautiful enough to take a walk down the beach and take some snapshots of the hotel, the view and a cooperative seagull.

There is a pizza restaurant in downtown Cannon Beach that has been there about 25 years, during which time I have patronized it at every opportunity. We enjoyed dinner there on Tuesday evening and then decided to drive to Seaside to try to find a camera battery charger. Once we were about 2 miles out of town Scott realized that he left his phone on the table. I circled around and headed back into town, and when Scott ducked in the door everyone in the place was waiting for him and gave him a hard time.

We found a Rite-Aid that was open and after scouring the aisles for a charger, I gave up and purchased two disposable 35mm cameras.

Wednesday we drove back to Seaside to enjoy dinner at McMenamins Sandtrap Inn.

Our evenings were spent relaxing and watching episodes of Invader Zim.


Jim Thomsen said...

Cannon Beach is particularly appealing during the off-season. If I could afford to, I'd spend a week there every October and every March.

And thou shalt have no other gods before Haystack Rock.

Angela said...

YAY for Mo's!!!! And you two are just gorgeous. What a great photo. (And yes, I second Jim -- there really *should* be no other gods before Haystack Rock -- absolutely.)