Tuesday, May 20, 2008

True Talent

When I chose my photographer for our wedding, I decided to use a long time friend. Scott was horrified saying "She should be IN the wedding, not taking pictures!" But I insisted.

As it turned out, my gut feeling that this was the best choice was right on. Not only is she a talented and artistic photographer, but she is one of my closest friends and AS the photographer, we spent the entire day together. I got to see more of her than I did of my bridesmaids!

Erin brought along one of her friends to assist, and they have now posted a few of their pictures on Veronica's website.

These are a few of my favorites, you can follow the links to see the

Veronica Nelson Photography

Erin Janke aka Visual Noise Photography


citizen of the world said...

If it's a friend you trust (and clearly your take on this was dead-in) it's th ideal situation. SOmeone you know is more likely to capture your personality.

Jim Thomsen said...

She did an awesome job. The fun, happy, relaxed pictures are the ones you're going to love in 20 years, not the stiff, formal, posed ones. She captured the relaxed wackiness and lighthearted joy that IS you and Scott.

It kills me that I wasn't there. KILLS me.

actonbell said...

Those pictures are great, and your dress is beautiful! Sounds like a day of perfection:)

Thanks for visiting!

angela said...

Beautiful photos, Reese! What a wonderful memory.

Tammie Jean said...

Wow, the photos are fabulous! And you two look so happy! Congratulations!!!