Saturday, May 31, 2008

The One About Work

Ever since we returned from the west coast and getting married, I've been battling feeling burned-out at work.

Part of it is pretty standard work stuff: feeling like the things that go noticed are the bad things. The screw-ups or times when I've been a little less patient with someone.

The things that go UN-noticed are when I spend two and a half extra hours at work to finish getting an entire section of dog food priced and labeled, or that I pick up after employees that don't finish their jobs before they finish their shift, or that I keep the website updated and the computers running.

Maybe it's just that I'm a details person and my bosses are not. They don't notice this stuff unless I point it out to them and maybe I'm just getting tired of pointing it out.

Or I'm just a whiner - anyone that has known me for long knows that I am quite capable of getting into my whining from time to time.

I'm sure that I have it better than many people in this country. I have a job, first of all. Secondly, my job is what makes our life comfortable - my job is not necessary in our household income. Thirdly, I get to do something I really enjoy for the most part and many people NEVER get to experience that.

I think that is was just a lot harder to leave Portland this time. Scott and I both really felt at home when we were there for the wedding and it was emotionally VERY difficult to come back to Key West.

We have a few close friends in Key West, and good jobs, and a GREAT house, but we have family and a very close and large circle of friends in the Northwest.

My dream would be to live in the Northwest in the summer and in Key West in the winter. People that have the flexibility to do that really have it made.

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citizen of the world said...

While we're dreaming, I'd like to live right here in the spring and fall, at the beach winter and summer. Wit time-outs in the winter to go skiing. Plus lot sof world travel. Damn, where's that lottery jackpot?

(Ha ha! The word verification is mbedzz!)