Monday, July 07, 2008

Author, Party of One!??

Due to the recent circumstances that lead to the "Dear Husbands" post, I have decided to write a book about the particular husband, his brother (whom I dated for about 6 years) and their father from the perspective of the wives and girlfriends whose lives they have impacted through their sex-addled brains.

I started it in the height of my anger and frustration last week and worked on it for two nights straight and then stopped. I will continue, probably this week, but I needed to take a little break.

Remembering the days of that relationship gave me dreams at night that I do not enjoy. It also brought back memories that I do not like to dwell on and some of the feelings the old relationship brought on a regular basis.

I am so thankful to be married to my husband. He is my best friend, we can tell each other anything and everything, but we retain a level of privacy and respect because we trust each other. We can have fun doing anything or nothing.

When we got married the pastor asked us to write down ahead of time "our story". How we met, how we got together, what we like about each other, etc. During the ceremony they read parts of our stories aloud and it was a really great part of the experience. It made the whole thing very personal, very "us."

While I am choosing to remember things from a past life for the ultimate betterment of those who may someday be in a similar situation, here's to my Now-Life. Here's to my husband.


Jim Thomsen said...

It's funny ... you know as well as I that I had serious doubts about him when you moved cross-country to be with this guy you'd known just a few months. In my world, military background is a monster negative — usually they're controlling, unimaginative people with ancient ideas about women. I was half-convinced he hated women and was isolating you just to abuse you, mentally or otherwise.

Then I met Scott.

And knew within five minutes that:

a) I was completely wrong about him; and

b) He was completely right for you.

I've never been happier to be off-base in my life.

Here, indeed, is to your husband.

Scott said...

awwwww... WOOOOGIES!

you may all dance with fiendish satisfaction at your ability to reduce me to a quivering and sobbing pile of "man-hobbit."

I'm not a perfect husband. I am FAR from a pefect person.

When if first started hearing about Mr. Jim Thomsen i had serious doubts that he was out for anyone but himself and Reese. I knew that he commanded a subtle power to overpower people with his intelligence; and hide his passion for Reese behind the comforting demeanor of a communicator and confidant. I was worried I was going to be outmatched at the hands of this man Reese cared for so much. Then she told me "He is flying in to stay the weekend with us." My palms began to sweat.

Then I met Jim.

I knew in five minutes:

a) I need to settle the hell down.

b) That this guy had so many facets about his character that inspire me. He wasnt trying to grapple my woman--he was just concerned--and far more composed than i would have been if i were him.

Jim inspires me by revealing his genius at a thankfully steady clip. I fave found myself addicted to Jim and assured again that my wife knows what the hell she is doing.

I am graced by their excellence. Though, sometimes Reese farts on me in bed. Jim doesn't do that.