Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ready, Aim,

This is my first time as the official Manager of anything. I've always been good at being bossy leadership and organization, but have never before been paid for these qualities.

Yesterday was one of the drawbacks to being in charge - I had to fire someone.

It went remarkably easier than I expected, although I suspect that she was thinking of quitting anyway.

I think I was fair and honest, without getting personal.

I can only hope the future of firing goes so well! (Not that I plan to make it a regular occurence).


Anonymous said...

Having done this a few times myself, I know the key to firing is knowing WHEN to fire. Some have the instinct; some don't. I don't think I do. But done too soon, you can destroy workplace morale by being heavyhanded and seemingly unfair; done too late, the bad seed could poison the whole place and everybody in it against you.

If you feel like you did it right this first time, that probably means you'll do just fine from this point on.

Anonymous said...

I was in an administraive position once and had to fire a few people. It went well, one even thanked me. But it's not an easy task even under the best of circumstances.

Angela said...

Well done, my dear. If she didn't break down crying, you done good. I have a personal aversion for firing people and envy you your strength and level-headedness. People who can do that with grace are rare. Good for you!

moosh in indy. said...

Please say that you slapped the table and pointed at them when you did it. Even if you have to lie. Then tell me an African Grey in the background echoed what you said.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, did you point and act like Donald Trump?

I can't recall ever firing someone. I bet it would actually be hard, even if they deserved it or knew it was coming.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed firing everyone that I've ever had to fire. They more than deserved it.

I also would feel honored to be fired by someone as hot as you are.

So things work out no matter what, I guess.