Sunday, September 07, 2008

Family Together

Scott arrived home safe, but almost didn't make it on the plane in Ft. Meyers. We've never changed our drivers licenses and he couldn't prove he is a Key West resident, so they nearly wouldn't issue him a ticket.

The animals are all very happy to see him, Stinkerbell is back snuggling his leg in her old familiar spot and Buster has been overly attentive as well.

This is the latest 5 day forecast of IKE, which puts us under "hurricane watch" but not "hurricane warning".

Click on the picture to see the whole thing...

We will pack and be ready to go if deemed necessary tomorrow afternoon.


Mandi said...

You are ALL in my thoughts and prayers! Be safe! :) (I love how people say that as if you wouldn't be if I didn't mention it)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you aren't going to have to evacuate after all. That's good news - hope Ike fizzles out soon.