Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just Peachy

We're here in Georgia and getting settled in.

The house is beautiful.

I've taken lots of pictures - most of our two-day trip up from Key West, but they are on my computer which for some reason is not connecting to the internet.

So in the meantime I will just say that I'm planning some great posts and have some fun pictures to go with them.

Most importantly: We're safe! Everyone loves the house, the dog and cats (including the "fourth") are having fun exploring and hiding behind boxes.

The movers brought our stuff yesterday morning at 8am and we've been unpacking ever since. I've got most of the kitchen put away and we're working on the bedrooms and living areas.

Comcast came today to hook up our digital cable and wireless internet. The cable works. The internet only works via an ethernet cable to Scott's computer. We tried plugging it into mine and that doesn't even work.

I'm going to attempt to solve the problem tomorrow when my brain cells are fresh.


gelli said...

Yeah, making your new home a "home sweet home".

So you're gonna be a Georgia Peach, huh?

Jim Thomsen said...

Congratulations on a successful splashdown.

How does the home "feel"? Do you get a particular vibe? Sterile? Comfortable? Neutral? Met any neighbors? Does the yard have possibilities?

Jill said...

Welcome home!
I'm looking forward to all the pictures.

citizen of the world said...

Glad you made it - hope the settling in goes smoothly.