Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Stay Calm

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I'm sure that I will jinx the whole thing by talking about it - but I believe we're moving to Georgia. We picked a house tonight (I'll post pics as soon as the lease is signed) and are going to call tomorrow to schedule the movers.

I'm excited - I would love to go home to the northwest, but going anywhere new is cool, too. I'm hoping that we will be more free to travel "home" from Augusta than from Key West, I'd really like to be at my Family Reunion and Family Camping Trip next summer.

Of course, I'm having a hard time sleeping because my brain keeps making lists of things that need to be done before we move or in order to move.

And, there's a bit of added stress because someone is apparently illegal in Georgia.


actonbell said...

Oh, but he'll be quiet contraband:)
I think moving is always exciting, full of new possibilites and hope!

suesun said...

You could put him in your purse, and then do that purse meme that Citizen of the World did, only you'd actually be able to answer YES! to that question about having anything illegal in your purse! :-)

Anonymous said...

Could you even fit a skunk in your purse?

Anyway, best of luck with the move!

Jake said...

Don't they call skunks in the south 'polecats'? PoleCAT... QED.