Friday, May 05, 2006

The Magical Avocado

Today is Cinco de Mayo. Being a good American, I celebrated this opportunity to eat guacamole and chips all day at work with great gusto.

We have an assistant in our office that is half Mexican, so she added to the festivities today by forcing us to listen to a radio station en espanol all day. I closed my door and listened to I-tunes, but that is beside the point.

For our office potluck today, I was charged with the Guacamole assignment, should I choose to accept. I brought in 6 lovely and perfectly ripe avocados, some LaVictoria Verde Salsa, lime juice, garlic powder and Lawry's seasoning salt.

I combined the appropriate amounts of the ingredients and put out a beautiful beaming bowl of the green goodness at about 10:30 this morning. I just now put it in the fridge at 4:10pm and it was STILL GREEN.

I was told by a co-worker this morning to leave a pit in the guacamole and it would stay green, so I did. And it worked. And I am mystified. I see no scientific chemical reason why this should be so but I looked at living proof all day long.

I tried Googling "why does the guacamole stay green with an avocado seed in it?" and only came up with numerous sites telling me that it does NOT work at all. That is a lie. My guacamole is still green.

Explain this to me, Scully!

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