Thursday, May 04, 2006

What Makes It Tahitian?

I am enjoying a blended Tahitian Vanilla Latte from Brewed Awakenings. Blended means it has been mashed up with ice to make it soft and cold and kind of foamy. Vanilla I understand. Latte I understand. But what makes it Tahitian?

I tried to look up the website for this lovely coffee purveyor and discovered that while there are several of them in my hometown, there are thousands of coffee shops all over known as Brewed Awakenings that are not the same chain. I was hoping for a magical description that would make me feel tropical as I sip my tasty beverage, but it was not to be.

So, I googled Tahiti. "Oral history recounts the adventures of gods and warriors in colorful legends where javelin throwing was the sport of the gods..." Does this mean I will find a tiny javelin in the bottom of my drink? I hope not.

Does anyone in Tahiti drink a Vanilla Latte? The closest Starbucks are in Hawaii and New Zealand, which is a bit of a trip. I can't imagine that if someone FROM Tahiti came here, ordered one of these concoctions from the local B.A (B.A. - ha ha ha) they would say "mmmmm, tastes like home..."

Ah, the mysteries of the universe.


Jake said...

Pssh, who goes to Starbucks in Hawaii??? Not me!

ReesePie said...

I bet that's a lie.

ReesePie said...

So... my highly intelligent cousin has informed me that Tahitian Vanilla and Bourbon Vanilla are the two types used in flavoring things.

So there you go.

msliberty said...

I'm the highly intelligent cousin. :)