Monday, July 16, 2007


Anyone that has known me well for any length of time knows that my favorite TV show of all time is Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

At one point I had 5 VHS tapes full of American and British versions of the show. I can watch reruns of it many times over and still laugh hysterically, even when I know the punch line that is coming.

Some of my favorite games on the show are "Props", "Scenes From a Hat", "Greatest Hits", "Hats", "Whose Line" and "Song Styles". My favorite performers and of course Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Greg Proops.

Wayne Brady is a very talented performer, comically talented, but very musically gifted as well. He was responsible for a "Song Styles" game dedicated to a Lunch Lady named Lee. Wayne has to perform the song in the style of a "Strip-O-Gram" and makes up the entire song on the spot. I don't think I have every laughed so hard at anything on TV in my life.

For those willing to risk the risque...

(rings doorbell) Do-dooo. Do-dooo.
I'll let myself in!
Are you Lee?
These words come right from me,
They're to you and your name is Lee,
Can you fix me a treat?
Maybe some mystery meat.
I love you girl, I sing this song,
You have the shower cap on,
When you're servin' all that food.
Do you like it when you spoon out the food,
Do you like it, Lee?
Oh Lee, aiiyeah Lee,
Would you like to serve me? (unbuckles belt)
On Monday - meatloaf. (pulls back shirt)
On Tuesday - steak. (touches butt)
On Wednesday - pork. (poses)
On Thursday - chicken. (acts like chicken)
And Friday,
It's the best day of all,
Because you get to have a little spaghetti,
And two great meatballs...
(cracks up)
Oh Lee!

Two years running I was fortunate enough to see "A Night of Improv" live in Portland. The cast of this tour consisted of the majority of cast members and guests from WLIIA, and the first year had Drew himself as a special guest. Greg Proops opened the show with about 15 minutes of stand-up directed particularly at the Northwest audience, to great response.

Ever since, I have searched for this tour, but haven't seen the full group performing anywhere together. If you have the opportunity to see improvisational comedy by any of the cast of WLIIA, do not miss out. You will laugh until you pee.


Sona said...

Who's Line is one of the best shows. I watched the British version before they made the American version.

I had no idea they were on tape.

ReesePie said...

I don't know if they ever even WERE on tape... I made the VHS tapes myself!