Sunday, July 22, 2007

Welcome to Paradise!

Carrie is here for a week as a college graduation present from Scott and myself.

Friday as I was clocking in at work my cell rang and it was Carrie.
"I'm in Orlando..."
"What?! Why? Why aren't you in California? I'm confused!"

Scott and I booked Carrie's flight online. She told me she had the 21st through the 27th off and we managed to snag a 12:30am flight on Friday the 21st for her.

Thursday night around 9pm Dixie asked Carrie what her plans were for Friday and what time her flight left. After checking her itinerary Carrie discovered that the flight left in 3 hours and she had not packed yet.

I'm not a dummy. Scott is not a dummy, and Carrie is certainly not a dummy. But we all assumed that 12:30am on Friday meant "Friday night just past midnight" as opposed to "Thursday night just past midnight."

Fortunately she had already run a load of laundry and it was in the dryer, so packing hastily wasn't as chaotic as it could have been. Dixie sped Carrie to the airport and she barely made the flight. The connecting flight in Houston went as planned but on approaching Florida, the cabin was notified by the crew that they were diverting to Orlando instead of landing in Tampa due to bad weather.

Once on the ground in Orlando, the flight de-planed and then re-planed and went to Tampa. Since her original connection to Key West had already left, the airline managed to find a flight from Tampa to Miami to Key West.

My cell rang again at about 4:20pm and I assured Carrie I would come pick her up right away. I managed to find someone to cover for me at work for about 15 minutes and I hurried to the airport. After the hugging we threw the luggage in the trunk and drove back to work where Carrie was entertained by the Dutch Shepherd puppy and I finished my shift.


Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Ummmmm ... who's Carrie?

ReesePie said...

Umm... my first cousin. My father's brother's daughter. My mini-me.