Sunday, November 04, 2007

6 Things I Did Today...

...that most people don't ever do:

1) Wear a live skunk hat.

2) Rehabilitate a Hamster that has been running loose in a pawn shop for a week.

3) Hold hands with a Scarlet Macaw.

4) Facilitate some inter-racial love.

5)Witness a turtle pyramid.

6)Put on socks and make hot chocolate because it was down to 76 degrees.


Roxy said...

Love the turtle pyramid.....they look all golden. My cat would have swatted that Hamster big time!

Portland got UP to about almost 70 today...Wooo Hooo..

Wendy said...

Puts new meaning on "skunk hair day." :P

Angela said...

YAY for you! What great pictures. And bless you for re-habing the hamster. Sweet thing.