Thursday, April 10, 2008

T-2 Days and Counting...

I got a very good nights sleep.

At the couples shower last night there was friends, family, food and fun - we played the game "celebrity". I don't know if that's it's official, commercial name, but sometime I'll explain the rules. It's a lot of fun and quite hysterically funny at times, too.

I got my hair done yesterday and my face waxed, which has succeeded in causing Scott to stop making wookie noises at me.

Today we pick up our rental car, check in to the hotel, Mom and I are having a facial, I'm having what is hopefully the final fitting for my dress, another shower, and my bachelorette party.

I wonder if I'll have time for a nap.

Ha Ha Ha.


Atypical California Girl said...

Reese - Congratulations and enjoy your day. All my best - Jill

Anonymous said...

Your face waxed? What does that even mean?

ReesePie said...

that I'm kindof a hairy chick.