Wednesday, April 09, 2008

T-3 Days and Counting...

I'm up and awake... a little stiff but not too bad considering that I flew all day yesterday.

I have to call the reception location contact person and the bakery this morning. I have a hair appointment for the hair on my head at 1:00pm and then an appointment for the hair on my face at 3:00pm. I decided that Scott would probably rather not marry a yeti.

I'm remarkably calm. Not too exhausted, and have charged several people close to me with making sure that I have a bottle of water I'm drinking at all times.

I do still have 6 items to embroider. Fortunately some of them will go pretty quick, I'm just hoping I remember to be doing that in between other stuff.

Next on tap is my mom's fashion show so we can decide what she's wearing to the wedding.


citizen of the world said...

You're still embroidering? When does the relaxing come in??

ReesePie said...

any time now, I'm sure... I didn't do a single stitch today, which I'm sure I'll regret tomorrow, but I was very relaxed!!

moosh in indy. said...

Wow, it's really serious when you can count down in hours instead of days. Sending all my good wedding juju's to the Keys.