Friday, April 28, 2006

Another Sunny Day

Here in my office, I have the luxery of a large picture window in each of the four walls. Today is a beautiful sunny day, with a slight breeze. It is almost enough to make me forget the horriffic customer service I experienced at the hands of a Kohls cashier on my first-ever shopping trip there.

I'll just say there was an issue with a 60% discount and some cute underwear. I won. I will shop there again, but if any display has a sign on it I might steal the sign and carry it to the register with me when I'm ready to check-out with my purchases.

The things we go through for brightly colored lace. Fortunately My Assistant (Jessica) was with me and shared the trauma. She came away with a cute pink bra too.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Yes I am a slacker. I've been back from Vegas for two weeks at midnight tonight, but life is chaotic you know. Damn this becoming-an-adult business.

Housewarming party was great, we had 65 people in and out between 4pm and 11:30pm... received some lovely gifts and had fun visiting.

Now that the wireless is up at my house you would think I would actually post more often. Maybe I'll try that... or maybe I won't.

Here's me thinking about it.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Airport fun

I'm currently sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Vegas... I heard it might rain while we are there, which I'm not excited about.

Hopefully it's all a lie and the weather will be beautiful.

We have dinner reservations tonight at the Grand Luxe and then will probably hang at the pool this evening.

I can't wait to see the penguins.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Friday. Jeans day (with a golf theme, due to the Masters tournament). My last working day before vacating.

The horrible time phenomenon that makes last-work-day go at 1/2 speed has arrived.


I feel better now.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm on my waaaayyyy.... to Vegas-Land!

Counting down the days! As of this very moment, in 3 days I will be arriving at the airport to catch a plane to Vegas.

It is my first trip and I am very excited. I'm not really much of a gambler, so my gambling budget is pretty small, it's actually smaller than the eat-cool-stuff-and-see-cool-things budget.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another Day, Another Yawn.

I'm yawning again. Been at work for all of 23 minutes and feel like I could take a nap.

Coffee? Maybe. Iced Tea? Perhaps. Go for a walk around the office and harass my assistant? Fo Sho!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Of Course it's Random? Why is it?

So about the title... I am a bit ADD. Ok, a lot ADD. That "let's go ride bikes" joke just slays me. My sense of humour is very random and very dry. And of course, I think I'm even funnier if I've been drinking just a bit.

If I have to sit and pay attention (i.e. "listen") to something at length, like say, a sermon or a lecture or something, I have to be doing something else with my hands. Finger-knitting, or doodling or something. It's either that or I'll fall asleep or get REALLY fidgety.

I can, however, read for great lengths of time. Weird, I know.

Just a Newborn

It's the first blog. For me. Ever.

Not that I'm SUPERBLY intelligent, but I am funny once in awhile.