Thursday, April 25, 2013

18 Days...

HusBean is off work today, so I'm taking advantage of this by getting him to help me move and load up some furniture I will be selling at a consignment shop. (*side note* - I backed his car in to the mailbox this morning... he's not happy about this.)

In theory, we have guests coming from DC that are supposed to arrive late tonight, but there is a possibility that they will be stopping overnight in Charlotte, NC first and coming here tomorrow. I'm actually ok with that, it will give us a little more time to finish shoveling the random stuff that needs packing out of the guest room!

I finished some major sewing projects yesterday and now am down to one that has to be done before we leave. It is a sundress made from a vintage floral sheet (an idea seen by my client, on Pinterest). It's a fun project but will take a little adaptation of my current pattern (changing the neckline, re-sizing a little).  I'm hoping to get started on that tomorrow.

I got started embroidering the sneakers last night and should be able to get them finished up today, ready to ship tomorrow or Saturday morning. I like to embroider while sitting on the couch with the dogs, watching TV. It's a little down time but I'm still being productive.

I'm hoping to get my teapot collection and a lot of the not-immediately-necessary kitchen stuff packed up today, in addition to packing/wrapping/prepping any furniture that I've managed to empty (bookshelves, dressers, etc.).

I will also probably take some time to walk the dogs with my good friend Cass, who has five dogs of her own.  We usually walk them about 4-5 times a week, often along the canal that runs parallel to the Savannah River. Those days it is a 5-7 mile walk, which is great for us AND the dogs.  Other days, we do a hike/jog/walk around the Frisbee golf course at a local park.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Countdown Begins... Again! - 19 Days

In 2006 I moved from Vancouver, Washington to Key West, Florida at the behest of my then boyfriend (now HusBean). 

I started a countdown of sorts then, detailing the various details that needed to fall in to place in the time before I left the West Coast. 

As of today, there are 19 days until we pull out of the driveway here in Georgia, headed West. 

I have reserved a 24' Budget truck and towing dolly, we will be towing my Honda Civic behind the truck, and driving the Honda Element separately.  My Mom and our good friend Andy are flying out on May 11 to make the trip back with us. 

The menagerie will be in the Element (two dogs, three cats, and hopefully 1 skunk if she shows up by then), which should provide for plenty of comical entertainment.

The house is not packed, but I have started sorting everything in it into X categories: Keep/Long term storage, keep/take to Mom's house, sell, donate/give away, and garbage!  I obtained a packing tape kit from a U-Haul store that has several color coded rolls, each printed with a different room or "fragile", "open first", or "storage."  These will prove very helpful when loading the truck in an efficient and logical manner!

In the numerous times that I've moved, I've found it helpful to start with all the sentimental stuff and decor. Make it look less homey and it will be easier to dismantle! I've taken almost everything off the walls, and have been gathering up framed pictures and memorabilia. 

Today we sorted through the garage, double checking to make sure that Stinkerbell was not trapped in there somewhere, but I also threw some things away and did a little pre-sorting of what is out there. Fortunately I had sorted/packed the majority of the fall and Christmas decor, into labeled clear plastic bins of various sizes.  Those can then be packed, several at a time in larger cardboard boxes, labeled for long term storage. 

I do have a few sewing jobs to complete before I pack up my machine, but I'm hoping to get those knocked out in the next week.

I also have two pair of sneakers to be embroidered, and a few other pair that may arrive before we leave. 

We are also trying to inventory the contents of our pantry and deep freezer, we're throwing a buffet/fundraiser/party on Cinco de Mayo, planning to cook up a bunch of stuff that wouldn't do well traveling for a week, then feeding it to local friends for a suggested donation. 

Chaos and Turmoil

I've decided I need to get back to blogging, if for no other reason than we are moving back across the country in a little under three weeks. Some may remember the initial trip, heading east. Now we're headed back, but with more animals.

The house is in total disarray, I have taken on several sewing clients/projects that need to be done before I depart, and of course there is all the cleaning, packing, organizing, etc.  All this made more difficult by stress.

The key stress factors both entail loss; almost 2 months ago my best girlfriend here in Georgia (she had also been renting our guest room since October) was killed in a car accident. She was the passenger and the driver's blood-alcohol level was .165.  The other loss is that our pet skunk Stinkerbell has been missing for almost two full days. She has gotten out of the house once before, but came back in just a few hours.

I am packing, cleaning, sorting, looking for a skunk, grieving my friend, and being excited about our next evolution.

From time to time I am featured as an interviewee or guest blogger over at Human In Recovery, under the Monthly Manic Mondays with Marisa theme.

More to come!