Saturday, October 14, 2006

One Month

As of tomorrow morning, I will have been a resident of Florida for one month.

I've been working at a new job for about 3 weeks, and recently had some issues there that have inspired me to continue to keep my eyes open for another position elsewhere.

The dog and cats are getting comfortable with each other, even being willing to share space on the bed together. Chou has come down off the refrigerator, but it looks like he has taken to eating Buster's canned dog food and regurgitating it back up.

Our condo is shaping up nicely, we're adding furniture as we can and enjoying the four decks attached to our unit. I've also been enjoying the small pool located in the middle of our complex.

I do miss having certain things nearby; Old Spaghetti Factory's closest location is in Georgia, and Costco, Old Navy, WalMart and Target are all in Miami, but there are new fun local places too.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Dream Come True...

You may think yesterday was Saturday, but it was Murphy-Day.

We attempted a purchase at K-Mart with a check from a brand-new local account. Apparently brand-new accounts limit the initial number of checks you can write, so the check was declined and we left the store without our silverware, curtain rods, spatulas and strainer.

Later I discovered the long-awaited debit card in the mail and went back to K-Mart with cash (just to be safe). I carefully re-selected all of our purchases and checked out.

As I was loading the new silverware into the dishwasher, I discovered that one box had 12 soup spoons and 8 knives instead of 4 sets of knife, big fork, little fork, big spoon, little spoon, and the OTHER box was short a big spoon.

We went back to K-Mart for the third time (a charm) and from the SINGLE last box of that style of silverware on the shelf, created two full boxes.

Meanwhile, back at Good-News Ranch, we bought a mattress and box springs which were delivered FREE the same afternoon.

I have now slept on a REAL bed and eaten my cereal with a REAL spoon. I can die a happy woman.