Thursday, January 17, 2008


Having a friend that has been to chef school is a lot of fun. A couple of weeks ago our friend Jenny came over and made us dinner.

We had individual chicken pot pies. Not only did she make them from scratch (with the help of some frozen pastry dough) but she made some of them just for me with fake chicken (Fri-Chik, my favorite!). Her pot pies were so delicious that I was inspired to make a cobbler with what fruit we had left in the freezer. The peach-mango-mixed berry and sour cream cobbler was well received and heralded. (Has anything YOU ever made been "heralded"? Didn't think so.)

This week Jen crafted a pizza with homemade crust, carmelized red onions, marinated portobello mushrooms, vine-ripened tomatoes, kalamata olives and goat cheese. It was fabulous. I mean really really good. The olives and onions were very tasty together, and the portobello and goat cheese also made a lovely duet. It was interesting how all the flavours came together but were still individual. I have never enjoyed a non-sauce pizza so much in my life.

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