Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ready for Babies

I will probably go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight thanks to the chihuahua.

When he first came home with us for Christmas, he slept in a kennel all night and only cried in the morning when he needed to go outside.

Last night he wasn't interested in being in the kennel, and cried from the time I put him in at about 2am until I took him out at about 5:30am. With the bedroom door shut I couldn't hear him, but at 5:30 Stinkerbell started scratching at the door. I didn't want to lock her up since I've been letting her stay up every night.

Stinker made herself comfortable under my bed and I made myself comfortable on the couch with the chihuahua. We slept there until Scott came down around 9am.

I took Buster out and then went back to bed, the chihuahua was happy playing downstairs until we got up around noon.

It is very sweet to walk around our complex with Buster and the little dog on leashes, it makes us feel very familial. But having the chihuahua here has also made me realize that he is a baby. He still doesn't sleep through the night, he still needs to go potty at night, he needs to eat and drink frequently.

Regardless of our decision to keep him or not, this has made me decide definitively that when we do have a human baby I want to stay at home at LEAST until it is old enough to sleep through the night. I can't be productive on the kind of sleep I got last night!

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moosh in indy. said...

You call me, I had my real infant baby sleeping through the night at six weeks.
That's right.
If I was going to be stuck with one of these needy time toilets it was going to be a good sleeper.
(When I call her a needy time toilet I mean in in the nicest sense of the word.)