Tuesday, January 29, 2008


For whatever reason I require more sleep than most people, even when I am in full health.

As the wedding draws ever nearer I am finding Rozerum a helpful friend (although I have not yet played checkers with a Beaver and Abraham Lincoln in my dreams).

The only problem is that sometimes it wears off at ridiculous times like 5AM when I have no desire to be up and am still quite tired.



moosh in indy. said...

I'm having such a hard time feeling emotion towards you MISS I LIVE IN FLORIDA AND HAVE SKUNK AND AM ENGAGED AND DON'T HAVE KIDS.
Oh, wait, maybe there's an emotion.
Do you really dream about Lincoln and Beavers?

ReesePie said...

No, I really don't. I dream about work. Which makes for very monotonous dreams. "...this should be this price, this should be that price, no we don't sell heartworm medication, yes, we are out of litter scoops..."

Jim Thomsen said...

Yeah, but I'm creeped out by that movie in which the little boy starts screaming: "ROZERUM! ROSERUM! ROZERUM!"